Why work online? Why not just travel?


Whenever I tell people about the Location Free Lifestyle, invariably if they are working they’ll say “I have no time to travel.”

I have no time

My answers to that is….  “Really?  I have 24 hours in a day, do you have less than me? ”

Wellm we all have the same amount of time each day, it’s how we choose to use it.  What do you choose, the 2 hour commute and 8 hours behind a city desk each day?  Or spend the 8 hours working by the beach with zero communute time – that you can then use to go swimming in the sea?

As we’ve seen in the other posts it does take time to set these things up.  But your time is your own, and you’ve only got a century or so left so make the most of it!

So why work?

And at the same time when I talkt to people who spend all their time travelling they always say “why work at all?”

Many, many people spend almost their entire time travelling around the world.  They work a bit, save some money then head off.   They’re not just beach bum hippies, but all sorts of people including ex accountants bankers and lawyers.  They often say, why not just travel instead of working in different places?

The anwers to this is “purpose”.  Yes I love being by the beach, seeing amazing things and meeting amazing people.  But at the same time you have to a have a purpose in life.  What do you leave behind and how can you help other people?  Without that it can become tedious and meaningless to just travel around, especially when that’s all you can talk about with people!

Yesterday was great for me to just spend the whole day slobbing around the pool.  But at 3 this morning I woke up wanting to do more, so started work.  If you love your work, and you spend the time finding something that really makes a difference in the world then you really want to do it!

And if you’re going to do that you might as well do it online, with wonderful friends in beautiful and more often than not cheaper, places all around the world!

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