Swine Flu Over Hype: Get Location Free Now

Whilst all the needless media hype and government over reactions on “Swine Flu” are based entirely on a lack of education amongst the general public,  it does have real world effects.
If you were quarantined would you still be able to work?  If travel was banned could you still talk to clients and make a living?  Would you still be able to feed yourself or your family?

With a traditional job the answer would probably be “no.”  So it’s yet another reason to start at least part of your lifestyle as being location free right now. Just in case an over reaction by an under educated government official takes away your freedom and makes you stay at home all day!

The SARS virus hit people in Asia pretty bad when companies were closed and people stayed at home.  Mexico has a similar thing this weekend.  But people still need to buy things, learn things and entertain themselves.  They’re more likely to do this online at a time like this.  So that’s where you need at least part of your income to be.

It’s not the “Swine Flu” disease that’s causing the problems, it’s the media fuelled over reaction.   But let’s make sure it doesn’t effect our lives back on planet Earth too much!

Post Author: Richard

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