Three Steps to Start Making Money Online: Step Two

Last time we had part one of my very simple guide for you to get started being location free.

Go and check it out now, before you do today’s exercise.

So tonight, again instead of TV, set a timer for 50 minutes and let’s make another list.

This time it’s for the “location” part of location free lifestyle.

Write down all the places you want to work from. Paris? Venice? Beijing? The beach? Write them all down.

This is going to be your motivation for when you have the bad days.

Believe me you will have them! ­čÖé

But if you know what you are aiming for it makes all the small little problems into, well, just small little things.

So write down all the places you want to go.

When I first started I wanted to live in Italy, Portugal and China.

Maybe you want to go to Argentina, the Maldives, New Zealand?

If there is still time on the clock when you’ve done the list, don’t stop!

Now, next to each place write down all the things you want to do there.

Wake up early? Take a swim? Do a bit of laptop work (yeah, you have to work sometime!)  Eat nice food at sunset?  Check out a show? Walk with the lions?  Have a gelato on the Great Wall? Whatever, just write it down.

And keep writing, and keep writing.

Don’t stop until the clock runs out.

(This doesn’t just give you a goal to aim for with all the locations, it’s also training you to work solidly for 50 minutes. ┬áThat’s all it takes really, just blocks of 50 minutes concentrated work.)


Now you’ve done that, get a nice drink and let me know you’ve finished so I can bring you the third and final part!

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2 thoughts on “Three Steps to Start Making Money Online: Step Two


    (June 25 - 4:16 pm)

    Wow, I was really surprised by all the topics I know and what I love to write about. Now, I’m surprised how many places in the world I could be working once I graduate from university. Japan is my favorite place in the world since I have studied there 3 months and there is so much more I want to do when I return, but it’s also interesting to expand my view to other places I could be like New Zealand and Finland. What’s the next step?


    (June 30 - 8:34 pm)

    The next step is to just get started!

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