Three Steps to Start Making Money Online: Step Three

Welcome to the third part of my “getting started with a location free lifestyle”

Do check out part one and part two first, then we can get started with the final chapter.

Today I want you to set a timer for 50 minutes again, and with no distractions at all….

Write down every single reason you can think of as to why you need to make $10,000 online

Again this is insurance for those bad days.

Want more freedom? No boss? Nice food? Take care of family? Get rid of the commute?

Just write and write and write every single possible reason you can think of.

And when you are completely out of ideas, go back, read each one, say “why?” and write the answer.

Then ask “why?” again and write.

Why don’t you want a commute?  Why don’t you want to be on crammed train every morning? Why do you want freedom to wake up when you like?

Why, why, why….

I want pages and pages of why!


Because this is how you will find the real reason you want to do this.

And this will propel and sustain you throughout all the hard work and hard days that will come.

Once you know your path it’s much easier to follow it.

Plus of course, just writing and writing for 50 minutes straight with no distractions is fantastic training for when you start your new online business.

Excellent, next time ….. we start the real work.

For now though, go check out a great movie, you’ve certainly deserved it!


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