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Emilie wrote in with some really good questions, and I figured it might help a few of you as well.

Here we go …
After reading your posts on how to set up a business and making money online, I’m interested in starting my own. I apologize for my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by online business? Do you mean a website or blog that sells product, such as your Genki English CD’s?

It’s just like any other business i.e. helping people solve a problem they have (be it needing to be clothed, fed or made happy etc.) and just doing it online instead of a traditional shop, office or store. Selling products or services is one way, but there are many others.

Can one make money by simply keeping a blog?

It’s a bit like saying “Can one make money simply by keeping a shop?” Yes, you can indeed. As long as it is something that people are looking for and wanting and that you have a really good product or service.

I heard that Youtube pays people whose videos attract a high number of viewers and subscribers. I’m tempted to do this but I don’t know how kind of video to put up. I can’t think of anything I’m a master at so I’m hesitant about posting in Youtube.

The trick with Youtube is that it is all new and success is mostly totally random at the moment. So put lots of videos up about different things and see which ones become popular. If these ones are also profitable then you have the beginnings of a business.

What things to do videos on? Either two things: 1) How you solved problems that you have had in the past (maybe learning a skill, changing an ink jet cartridge, finding how to use something etc. etc.) or 2) Do it about the questions that people always ask you (do your friends ask how you got the flowers good in your garden, how you did your nails or where you got your clothes? What do they ask you about?)

My other concern is, countless number of people have started blogs and uploading videos. Is the market already saturated? I’m so far behind, will anyone even notice my site if I am to start one?

The famous mis-quote about patents is “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” This was said to be written over 100 years ago.

There’s always something new to be done, or more importantly a new way of doing things. After all no one has yet seen what you can fully do yet.
The trick though, as you say, is marketing – getting the word out there. So get to the library and get all the books you can on marketing especially every book written by Seth Godin

Could you please give some concrete examples on how to start an online business, what kind of business to start, and how much can a starter expect to earn?

Have a look here for some ideas:

Money wise, it all starts from that first $. Once you’ve made that you just keep doing and innovating!

Sorry for all these ignorant question but I would really appreciate some advice from you! Thank you!

No worries, it’s always good for me to hear what people are struggling with. It hopefully helps me write things that are more useful!

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