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This month I’m lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Sydney and  up north in the tropical paradise of Queensland.  Mind you it’s July down here which equals winter, which means Sydney is cold but the north is very comfortable.

Travelling to Australia does feel a little different, it’s certainly different to the UK or the US, it has its own laid back character.  As it’s a developed country you don’t have to worry about shopping, great coffee or buying anything, everything is available.

The flip side of this is that it is expensive, it’s probably better value than Europe, but accommodation can be very expensive even in backpacker hostels.

Where’s the net access?

The biggest downside to Australia, and this is probably going to be the breaking point for anyone who is Location Free is the horrendous internet access!  You’d think it would be up there with the rest of the world, but it is incredibly slow – slower than many developing countries – and incredibly expensive.   At the moment I’m in an internet cafe, with gorgeous $4 coffees, but the net is $5 an hour and keeps cutting out.  Uploading to Youtube is virtually impossible. Last week I was in a 5 star hotel in Sydney, and they not only charged $20 per night for net access, they capped the limit at 300 MB!   Unfortunately Windows decided to update that night and used up all my allowance.

So although Australia is beautiful and laid back, the lack of net access is a very big hindrance to anyone wanting to seriously work online here.  Plus having everyone speak English just makes it far too easy, I think I’d rather go somewhere with more of a challenge – that’s also a little cheaper!

There are some really cool things to do on your day off though!

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2 thoughts on “Location Free Lifestyle: Australia


    (July 29 - 5:23 am)

    I’m an Australian and have to agree that most of the internet cafes and free wi fi I have tried has been awful.

    Australia has been slow to pick up a lot of new technology and is falling behind…especially companies offering wifi.

    That being said if you can find a residential broadband connection at someones house you will find very fast net connections depending on the company they are with or else you can pick up a pre paid mobile usb broadband stick and can get some good speeds for pretty cheap.


      (July 29 - 5:55 pm)

      Hi Andy,

      Ah, prepaid USB stick, that would be a good idea for next time!

      Mind you I am enjoying the excellent Oz coffee whilst waiting for everything to upload in the net cafes!

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