Location: East Africa!

I just got back from my first trip to East Africa, Tanzania to be exact.  And it was really cool!

I’m writing it all up on my main blog but I thought I’d just mention a few things from the Location Free Lifestyle point of view.

Obviously being tropical Africa things like Malaria tablets/nets, keeping your jabs up to date and having a good first aid kit (with lots of plasters!) is a must, one of the best things is actually how easy it is to get online.  I was in a well out of the way place so  I went all prepared to have no internet whilst I was there, but also thought, like in most of Asia, that I might be able to find a Wifi internet cafe or hotel at some point.

Well I had no luck at all with that!  However, one of the amazing things is just how far 3G has spread.  Even in really out of the way places.  So the easy thing to do is to bring a 3G dongle for your Mac/PC with you (or an unlocked iphone) and just buy a local SIM card.  Bang, instant internet access in the most remote of places!

Plus you’re paying local rates for the data. Although also remember to bring lots more cash than you think you’ll need!  Obviously don’t expect fast speeds or anything, but using the net on the beach in Africa itself is a very, very cool thing!

And if you want to see what life is like there, check out my main development blog!


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