It’s not just location, but TIME free

Reason to have a location free lifestyle no. 4:  You can also choose when, not just where you work.

For example last night was the Michael Jackson memorial.  I happened to be in Japan, which meant it would start at 2AM.   All my friends with regular jobs were having to rush around trying to beg their bosses for the next morning off.  For everyone that was location free, we just worked till midnight (I finished up recording my latest CD – yeah!) then headed off to the bars at 2 o’clock till dawn.   We still do the same amount of work, well maybe a lot more, but if something unmissable crops up, you have the flexibility to be there.

So where do we start making money online?

This is the question I get asked more than anything!  Have a look through the previous posts on this site, especially the ones marked “Make money online

And one really, really excellent free course I can recommend is the one by Shoemoney.  It’s heavy going, not for the feint hearted, but it has real ideas that do work.   Why is he giving it away for free if it’s so good?  I think it’s so you’ll think about signing up for his website tools when you do start, which is a pretty good deal, you get all the info for free and then get a choice if you want to pay for it later! Sign up here.

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