Location Free = Being there for People

Being location free doesn’t just mean that you can live in whichever exotic location you want to live.  It means you make your money online so you can live wherever you want to live, or sometimes wherever you have to live.

For example a few years ago I was going out with a very nice girl who happened to live very near to where I was living.  Then she decided she wanted to do her Masters degree at a university on another island.  Now for most people that would mean a long-distance relationship (those never work!) or a big upheaval or lots of arguments!  For me it was quite simple, as I could work anywhere, in between gigs I simply flew back to her island instead of the one I was living on before.  Really easy and happy happy!

Another example is when my Mum had to go into hospital.  Normal lifestyles would mean you’d have to take time off work.  But I simply booked the next flight and did my work at my Mum’s house for the next few weeks.  (Side note:  don’t ever just buy “the next flight”  I ended up travelling via Kuala Lumpur which added 10 hours to the flight!  Make sure you ask for the “one that will get me there the quickest!”)

Sometimes you’ll have (ex) friends who can be bitter about a location free lifestyle choice, they’ll say you are selfish or not caring about others.  Really they’re just jealous and what they are saying is a lot of nonsense as being location free means just that, you work online so you are free to go wherever, whether that means being on a beach, on a yacht, in a new country,  with people important to you or just being by people’s  sides when they need you.

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