Get some positivity in your life!

One big disadvantage of being location free is that you tend to view the world through the filter of the internet.  Needless to say the internet is not the real world.  With all the pseudo anonymity people have a much bigger tendency to moan and complain.  Couple this with online news sources that feed on fear then it can get you down.

Conversely real life is usually really fun.  It just amazes me how happy most people really are. In all my travels I’ve met thousands of people and just about all of them are fun loving, interesting and positive people.  You just can’t see their smiles on the internet!

So I’ve been working on a new project to bring some positivity back.  I call it Genki Relax.  Have a look at the video below!

You can find more details on the website, or buy the product here!

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