Find out what you want to be in life!

It’s all very well people like me saying you can have your dream lifestyle if you just have the right attitude and work smart. But many people have no idea what they would like to do in life. Hopefully this video, taken from my motivation course for universities, will give you an idea!

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6 thoughts on “Find out what you want to be in life!


    (May 24 - 1:08 pm)

    Hey there!
    I’m a 21-years-old girl and right now I’m studying communication science. I loved your exersice. I did a lot of those in the past, but there was never included a date. I was really suprised (or shocked) of the date I saw, when you announced that this is the target. The date i saw on the calender was 4. december 2012. I’m curious if I will make it until then, because 2 years are not long and there are still so much things to do and to learn to get my dream fullfilled 😉
    See you


    (November 29 - 5:37 am)

    Richard, this exercise is so pleasant! I enjoyed imagining my dream lifestyle but the question is…how exactly can I get there by just thinking about it? I don’t make a huge salary so my dream lifestyle just seems out of my reach 🙁


      (November 30 - 12:52 am)

      Hi Emilie,

      Thinking about it is the first step, you have to know where you are going. This does magically seem to make opportunities “appear” (or rather you just notice them more!) But you are indeed correct, you also need the smart work to get there. You don’t need money to do it and some of these posts might help!


    (April 8 - 12:13 pm)

    So, Im trying to build a brand around myself, I thought about it as a personal project but I must say that looking at this site, your thoughts and videos… god, it just leaves you powered up. Now I cannot see myself doing nothing about it. I just can’t.
    I “met” you at Genki Japan as I couldnt follow up my japanese lessons because of the hideous job I had at a transnational company… now I’m out of job, I found myself quitting because of a different opportunity but for God know’s what reason, this opportunity went away and now I do want a location free lifestyle, Im aiming for that. I need it. Sorry for the long story, I felt like sharing…
    I do have one question for you, I do not know how to implement the money incoming process in my product, should it be a donation paypal button? should I make something only available for people that pay? is it better to go for a reputation first and then sell space for ads? what works better in your experience?
    arigato in advance,


      (April 8 - 7:13 pm)

      Hi Ginny,

      Glad you like the site! 🙂

      In general you start off with a free site/product/video (usually monetised using Adsense) to see if people like what you do. You’ll probably fail with the first one (i.e. no one will care!) and the second and the third, but keep making more and more with different ideas and eventually you’ll hit on something that resonates with people.

      When you get to that stage, just do more of what people are liking.

      Then long term, to diversify your income streams, you need to build your own product. You do that by listening to the feedback people give you, find out their pain is and make a product that takes it away! 🙂


    (April 9 - 11:01 pm)

    Thanks a lot for your reply, Richard. I really appreciate you logical and structured embrace-life thinking.
    Now my head is spinning all around with ideas and hopefully I will come with something not that spectacular soon enough.
    have a great day 🙂 wherever you are 😛

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