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Get your free Location Free Lifestyle Email Course:   More and more people are realising that any work you can do on a computer, you can do anywhere in the world.  Plus it can be a lot cheaper to live somewhere sunny and warm than back “at home.” I know because luckily I’ve been living […]

Photoshoot for Google! (on the beach!)

Just had a photoshoot for Google.  It’s for a case study they want to do for Adsense, hopefully it will be live soon. As it happens I’ve just finished a two month tour of  China, Thailand, Singapore & Australia and they happened to catch me by the beach! These are just the shots we took, […]

Location Free = Being there for People

Being location free doesn’t just mean that you can live in whichever exotic location you want to live.  It means you make your money online so you can live wherever you want to live, or sometimes wherever you have to live. For example a few years ago I was going out with a very nice […]

Swine Flu Over Hype: Get Location Free Now

Whilst all the needless media hype and government over reactions on “Swine Flu” are based entirely on a lack of education amongst the general public,  it does have real world effects. If you were quarantined would you still be able to work?  If travel was banned could you still talk to clients and make a […]

Interview with me on JetSetCitizen

A few people have asked for more biography about myself and how exactly I do what I do (“rather than just saying how cool it is!”).     John Bardos has just done an interview with me on the JetSetCitizen site which should fit the bill.   Lifestyle Design Interview: Richard Graham As well as all the cool […]

How to live in paradise for less than $360 a month

I’ve had lots of question from people asking just how much money you need to start a location free lifestyle. My usual answer is: $100 a month is tough. $1000 a month is really quite nice. $10,000 a month you are in luxuryville central. In the beginning you probably aren’t making that much money online […]

How to start being location free?

The view from my “office” this morning. OK, so you’re hooked on the idea of a “Digital Nomad” or “Location Free Lifestyle” but you’re not sure where to start?  I quite sympathise!  I sort of stumbled into this lifestyle by accident when I suddenly realised one day that I didn’t actually have anywhere to live […]

Good things about being location free: No boss!

I’ve never really had a boss so I’m not sure what they are like.  But judging from my friends then they can be pretty scary!  But what I mean by scary is that this one person, with just two words can put you out on the street: “You’re fired!” So having a boss to me […]