You need to take a break

If you want to visit the world, or any other country, the best way, by far, is to get yourself into a Location Free Lifestyle. You can do it from any age (there are plenty of teenagers and retirees doing this) and there are more resources out there than ever before. You still work really, […]

Get some positivity in your life!

One big disadvantage of being location free is that you tend to view the world through the filter of the internet.  Needless to say the internet is not the real world.  With all the pseudo anonymity people have a much bigger tendency to moan and complain.  Couple this with online news sources that feed on fear then it […]

Richard’s Personal Development Workshops

Whilst I spend most of my time on professional development workshops for teachers, I also do them for business people as well as personal development workshops for, well, everyone really! Today was my first time to be invited to give  a workshop like this in Beijing China, so it was very exciting. Usually it’s usually […]