Location: East Africa!

I just got back from my first trip to East Africa, Tanzania to be exact.  And it was really cool! I’m writing it all up on my main blog but I thought I’d just mention a few things from the Location Free Lifestyle point of view. Obviously being tropical Africa things like Malaria tablets/nets, keeping […]

Location Free Lifestyle: Australia

This month I’m lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Sydney and  up north in the tropical paradise of Queensland.  Mind you it’s July down here which equals winter, which means Sydney is cold but the north is very comfortable. Travelling to Australia does feel a little different, it’s certainly different to the […]

Location: Beijing

This month I’m here in Beijing.  Last week I was doing consulting work, so this week is my first Location Free week where I don’t have any specific reason to be here, I just had lots of computer work to do figured why not stay a few extra weeks! Accommodation isn’t too pricey,  you can […]

Location: South Africa

Hopefully I’m going to be doing some workshops in Africa for the first time this year. Lea Woodward has just written up an excellent post on  10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting South Africa As A Location Independent Destination Well worth a read!

Getting a job in Japan

I know, I know, getting a JOB goes against everything that having a location free lifestyle stands for and under normal circumstances would be a crazy idea.  But… sometimes it’s nice to travel to a place and have people around you to work with.  If it’s only for a year, or less, then it can […]

Location: Thailand

Thailand probably has to be my favourite location free place to live.  The food is gorgeous, the weather is warm, the people are friendly and the scenery is picture post card perfect.  Plus it’s very inexpensive.    Just avoid the dodgy areas and I think it probably is the best place to be. I often have […]

Location: Portugal

I usually spend Christmas and New Year back in the UK with family.  So then I’m always itching to travel off somewhere in early January.  Europe has some of the cheapest airfairs in the world, so I got a 9.99 poundsbargain flight down to the Algarve in Portugal. The Algarve is billed as a winter […]

Location: Japan

I usually end up spending half my year travelling around Japan,  I’ve got residency and speak Japanese which helps enourmously.  As I’m usually doing workshops in a different city everyday I usually stay in business hotels.  Fast, and I mean very fast, wired internet is usually included.  Food can also be cheap, if you eat […]