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Get your free Location Free Lifestyle Email Course:   More and more people are realising that any work you can do on a computer, you can do anywhere in the world.  Plus it can be a lot cheaper to live somewhere sunny and warm than back “at home.” I know because luckily I’ve been living […]

Photoshoot for Google! (on the beach!)

Just had a photoshoot for Google.  It’s for a case study they want to do for Adsense, hopefully it will be live soon. As it happens I’ve just finished a two month tour of  China, Thailand, Singapore & Australia and they happened to catch me by the beach! These are just the shots we took, […]

You need to take a break

If you want to visit the world, or any other country, the best way, by far, is to get yourself into a Location Free Lifestyle. You can do it from any age (there are plenty of teenagers and retirees doing this) and there are more resources out there than ever before. You still work really, […]

Three Steps to Start Making Money Online: Step One

Getting started with a location free lifestyle is probably the hardest thing to do. So just put all the mailing lists and special offers in a folder for now, and I’ll share with you the “3 step plan” that I use with my consulting clients. (I just finished one now, in Starbucks of course, and […]

Three Steps to Start Making Money Online: Step Two

Last time we had part one of my very simple guide for you to get started being location free. Go and check it out now, before you do today’s exercise. So tonight, again instead of TV, set a timer for 50 minutes and let’s make another list. This time it’s for the “location” part of […]

Location: East Africa!

I just got back from my first trip to East Africa, Tanzania to be exact.  And it was really cool! I’m writing it all up on my main blog but I thought I’d just mention a few things from the Location Free Lifestyle point of view. Obviously being tropical Africa things like Malaria tablets/nets, keeping […]

Location Free Lifestyle FAQ

Emilie wrote in with some really good questions, and I figured it might help a few of you as well. Here we go … After reading your posts on how to set up a business and making money online, I’m interested in starting my own. I apologize for my ignorance but what exactly do you […]